Hunger and Poverty

Caring Hunger and Poverty on Long Island with Long Island Cares

Poverty on Long Island is a crucial problem in the society which is difficult to find a solution. According to this condition, there are various non-profit organizations which focus on poverty. One of the social organizations on Long Island in protecting the society is Long Island Cares. This organization has tried to put effort to give the right solution in eliminating poverty in the society. Additionally, Long Island Cares was founded by the late Harry Chapin. Long Island Cares brings all the resources to deliver the benefits to all food insecure and the hungry. It also provides all humanitarian needs of the Long Island community. The objective of the organization helps to improve the quality of food security for families and sponsor programs. It not only provides families achieve a good self-sufficiency but also educate the society about the consequences and causes of poverty on Long Island.

Here we are trying to achieve our goal in making Long Island free of hunger. In order to achieve our goals, Long Island Cares has several programs. We have the Food Bank which was built in February 1980. The Food Bank here is to receive, manage, warehouse and distribute millions of pounds of purchased and donated foods to hunger and poverty in Suffolk and Nassau. In running this program, Long Island Cares helps to get assistance and food into the hands of those with some partners. Food Drivers help to collect essential foods including non-perishable food, school supplies, personal cares, pet food, healthy snacks, etc. There is also Pet Pantry which helps to supplies pet food to every pet owner at all across the country.

Another program of Long Island Care to reduce hunger on Long Island is working from the root causes of hunger in the country. First, community outreach programs which invite individuals to make a chance by the understanding the risk of needing emergency food assistance, helping them to make a living. Children’s Nutrition Programs provides mentoring about food assistance for children in the community. There is also hunger education that is an essential tool in order to fight hunger and poverty in the country. Veterans’ Services also offers a support life service to all veteran and families which may have been experiencing difficulties in food insecurity. Day by day, the poverty and hunger percentage in the country is decreasing. But, it should not stop our effort to combat the poverty and hunger on Long Island, we need your support from people like you by donating food to help those with food insecurity.