Programs of Toys of Hope

Programs of Toys of Hope Gives Smiles and Rights to Every Long Island Children in Need

Do you know that there are so many children across the country who do not get their right as children? But in the hand of Toys of Hope, those children can get their right to be happy as normal children. Toys of Hope was established in 1994 by Melissa Doktofsky and has become the New York’s charity which supports more than 65,000 needy children, families, and pet every year. Toys of Hope work together with non-paid employees and professional fundraisers. They also dedicate 100% of all donations for helping families and children in need. In order to give the right donation, Toys of Hope also create so many programs that deliver needed services and goods to all residents in needs in improving self-sufficient and children’s’ lives.

So, what are programs they have? First, there is a program called Adopt A Family Program which is specially set up to assist needy families. Here, donors have two ways to help by giving a donation. You can donate from $100 to $2500 depending on the family size or you will get a list of items requested by the families then you purchase the items for them and Toys of Hope will deliver it. Besides, there is a Chance 2 Dance Program.

This mission of this program is to reach out and teach children about the art of dance. This program will be opened for children who cannot afford dance lessons at studios. Toys of Hope has created a studio and outlet where all children can express their positivity using the art of dance. Here, all kids can get more than one lessons. They can learn how to dance get a deeper understanding of dancing that keeps their body healthy and fit. With dance, Toys of Hope want to all kids join the fun.

Additionally from Children for Change is also a program which closely involves with charity for the children on how to raise money. This organization invites the children to be a volunteer to become a public speaker for the charity. Every child deserves good health including dental health, right? Here, Toys of Hope have a dental program which aims to provide dental supplies for children in needs such as toothpaste, dental floss, as well as toothbrushes. They not only supply the goods but also teach children how to do the proper oral cleaning in order to preserve shiny, healthy and beautiful smile. There are still numerous programs of Toys of Hope that goals to give what needs of children in needs.