See Long Island Preservation Efforts in Preservationlongisland

See Long Island Preservation Efforts in Preservationlongisland

See Long Island Preservation Efforts in – If there is no means of preservation, then history will be gone for good. Therefore, organizations that work to preserve history are active in modern society. One that hasn’t stopped since its founding is preservationlongisland.
• Why Long Island?
First of all, why Long Island became a fervent site of natural and historical preservation? Let’s look back into its history. Before colonizer came, Long Island was inhabited by Native American tribes (including Lenape/Delaware) for thousands of years.

To date, there remain two reservations of two major Native American tribes – Shinnecock and Poospatuck. Besides the Native Americans, colonization also brought European and African slaves. Since then, their descendants mixed their blood into the people of Long Island we know today. This assimilation created a lot of historical sites in the process, all related to today’s Long Island society.

• About Preservation Long Island
The abundance of historical sites in Long Island is the motivation that drove Preservation Long Island. This non-profit organization works to not just protect the sites, but also the history and culture behind it. It makes sure people can still learn and know the history and enjoy the culture the way they enjoy winning prizes at online Sbobet.

The organization itself was founded in 1948, firstly names Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities. Their first call was the destructive WWII developments within the island. Since then, they created house museums to preserve the historical sites still available today. Another mean of preservation are awards for people, projects, or organizations who contribute to historical and cultural preservation.

• The Preservation Efforts
In 2017, their name officially changes to Preservation Long Island. The concise name also brought clear objectives of the organization. Instead of just preserving, the organization began to increase awareness from both local and global audiences. They do this through different means, such as education, advocacy, and stewardship in their museums. They also conducted exhibits and releases publications of their sites. All of their prior and future efforts can be seen from preservationlongisland. If you are interested to see the endangered historical sites in Long Island, you can see the endangered historic places interactive map on their website as well.

Ironically, thanks to colonization, Long Island became one of the most culturally rich regions on earth. From two to three hundred years alone, the area became a mix of Native American, European, and African-American historical sites. If you are interested in the preservation of that mixed history, you will want to visit the website for detailed explanation.

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