Long Island Community Foundations Gives Great Impact for Disabilities on Long Island

Long Island Community Foundations Gives Great Impact for Disabilities on Long Island

In fact, there are so many non-profit social charity organizations on Long Island which have the same vision to maintain the society better by reaching all the citizen with different needs. Including this Long Island Community Foundation serves great facilities and services for all people with different needs all over the region. So, this article will bring you to know deeper what the Long Island Community Foundation works and gives impacts to the society on Long Island.

As the information, the Long Island Community Foundation is known as a social non-profit and charitable organization on the country which helps to connect donors with all spectrum of the charitable organization on Long Island. Formerly, in 1978, the New York Community Trust created a Long Island division in order to give Suffolk and Nassau country residents with a various economic alternative to a commercial gift fund or a private foundation. In addition, have granted $170 million to the non-profit social organization throughout the country from hundreds of fund given by individuals, families, community, as well as business. They also encourage philanthropy and generous donors and build a good permanent endowment to address these needs. Here, you can also find personalizes and responsible advisory services, and financial stewardship for all philanthropic to create a meaningful donation and effective for our donors. What makes the Long Island Community Foundation unique than other because all the expertise and with research of social issues and effectively to address the issues. Doing a survey on community, government, business, leaders, and reviewing their grantmaking prioritize aims to achieve the greatest impact on the society.

Moreover, their comprehensive review can ensure that the foundation can meet the best practice for charities serving as a good layer of protection to all their donors. The ultimate objective of the Long Island Community Foundation works to provide the stewardship which every donor deserves and to make sure that their assets are invested and distributed wisely in many sectors including human service, health, education, ars, and the environment. Additionally, the main mission of the Long Island Community Foundation helps to enhance the welfare of the residents and communities on all over areas on Long Island. This foundation works to provides a leadership in identification current and future community needs, to offer a good comprehensive service to all donors, and to encourage all donors to support and aim the foundation to reach the mission.

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