Conserving Long Island Wildlife with Seatuck

Conserving Long Island Wildlife with Seatuck – Long Island is a home for various animals, including coyotes, birds, deer, and others. Some animals can live well together with Long Islanders, but some others don’t. They cannot bear to share the same habitats with humans that make them end up injured or even died. But don’t worry, Seatuck is here to help.

The Seatuck Environment Association or usually known as Seatuck is a non-profit organisation that strives to preserve the wildlife and environment of Long Island. The organisation was founded in 1989 by Charles D. Webster to continue the previous Seatuck Research Program or SRP in 1980. While very different to online games site like, this organization is taken just as seriously by public and it became a highlighted news back then.

The program was first initiated to research about the Seatuck National Wildlife Refuge that is located in Islip, New York. The research focuses on conservation as well as the management of suburban life in Islip. This program featured the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, but in 1989, they cannot continue the partnership which marked the birth of the Seatuck Environmental Association.

To realise its goal to preserve the wildlife and its environment, this organization develops different kinds of programs just offers different kinds of online gambling games for players to try and explore. Each program has different goals and they involve the public in it. The three main programs they have are Nature Centers, Education, and Conservation.

•Nature Centers
The organisation has two nature centres, in South Shore and North Shore. The facilities of the program provide habitat and sanctuary for the animals. Not only care about the animals, but the program also invites the public to take part here by exploring nature, photography, bird watching, and hiking.

• Education
The public is also invited to take part to learn more about nature in the Seatuck Education program. In this program, you will be introduced with Long Island’s nature by exploring the conservation. The program is open for families, adults, students, pre-school children, as well as teachers and professionals.

• Conservation
Seatuck also has Conservation programs that are dedicated to addressing the wildlife issues. Through this program, they will help by conducting surveys and host workshops. They will also help by educating the public as well as installing monitoring equipment to promote conservation and restoration. They are not only focusing on educating people around the conservation areas, but they also educate those in the entire nation.

Seatuck has a long history in preserving the wildlife of Long Island. They have created different kinds of programs to help to save wildlife. Together with the volunteer and the donator, let’s hope that Long Island wildlife and environment can be protected and restored.

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