Music For Relief Organization Helping People, Wildlife, and Environment in the United States

Music For Relief Organization Helping People, Wildlife, and Environment in the USHave you ever heard about Music For Relief? We are sure that some of you have heard about it. Actually, Music Relief was found by one of the most popular Americas rock band, Linkin Park. The emergence of Music For Relief was to respond to the natural disasters Indian Ocean tsunami in 2014. In 2007, Music For Relief also expand its focuses in helping people, wildlife and environment in the United States and across continents. It also creates a collaboration which focuses on environmental restoration and protection in 2017 with the United Nations Foundation. They contribute to provide a sustainable energy solution for all the human beings and the environment. Their collaboration is realized in Power The World Program. Besides, for the finances, the Music For Relief as rooted in the music community, can reach numbers of international artists and countless fans across the world to raise the awareness and funds for humanitarian issues.

You may wonder about what the Music For Relief has raised funds for all the goodness for Americans and the environments. This organization has reached at least four continents to provides aims. Here is the following list of Music For Relief have reponded for helping people from natural disaster in several areas in the United States of America like Indian, Haiti, Brazil, Canada, and The US to several areas in four continents like Japan, East Africa, Israeal, etc

This non-profit humanitarian organizations has great accomplishments. It has great built and risen awareness and fun for humanitarian issues and natural disaster. In addition, Music For Relief has reduced harmful emissions up to 802 tons by touring artist like hotels, flights, busses, and trucks. Participated in China World Bank’s 2nd China Development Marketplace, Music For Relief helps to evaluate the post-earthquake recovery projects for funding. The Music For Relief has successfully planted one million trees across the countries including US, Brazil, Israel, Canada, etc. There are 1.3 billion people worldwide does not have access to electricity and provide clean energy, and it released program called the Power the World in a collaboration with the United Nation Foundation. Actually, there are still many milestones that have achieved by Music For Relief like Music For Relief and Linkin Park had conducted meeting with stakeholders in the U.S in discussing how to clean and improve the energy to lives in specific regions in America and sustainable energy.

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