Conserving Long Island Wildlife with Seatuck

Conserving Long Island Wildlife with Seatuck – Long Island is a home for various animals, including coyotes, birds, deer, and others. Some animals can live well together with Long Islanders, but some others don’t. They cannot bear to share the same habitats with humans that make them end up injured or even died. But don’t worry, Seatuck is here to help.

The Seatuck Environment Association or usually known as Seatuck is a non-profit organisation that strives to preserve the wildlife and environment of Long Island. The organisation was founded in 1989 by Charles D. Webster to continue the previous Seatuck Research Program or SRP in 1980. While very different to online games site like, this organization is taken just as seriously by public and it became a highlighted news back then.

The program was first initiated to research about the Seatuck National Wildlife Refuge that is located in Islip, New York. The research focuses on conservation as well as the management of suburban life in Islip. This program featured the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, but in 1989, they cannot continue the partnership which marked the birth of the Seatuck Environmental Association.

To realise its goal to preserve the wildlife and its environment, this organization develops different kinds of programs just offers different kinds of online gambling games for players to try and explore. Each program has different goals and they involve the public in it. The three main programs they have are Nature Centers, Education, and Conservation.

•Nature Centers
The organisation has two nature centres, in South Shore and North Shore. The facilities of the program provide habitat and sanctuary for the animals. Not only care about the animals, but the program also invites the public to take part here by exploring nature, photography, bird watching, and hiking.

• Education
The public is also invited to take part to learn more about nature in the Seatuck Education program. In this program, you will be introduced with Long Island’s nature by exploring the conservation. The program is open for families, adults, students, pre-school children, as well as teachers and professionals.

• Conservation
Seatuck also has Conservation programs that are dedicated to addressing the wildlife issues. Through this program, they will help by conducting surveys and host workshops. They will also help by educating the public as well as installing monitoring equipment to promote conservation and restoration. They are not only focusing on educating people around the conservation areas, but they also educate those in the entire nation.

Seatuck has a long history in preserving the wildlife of Long Island. They have created different kinds of programs to help to save wildlife. Together with the volunteer and the donator, let’s hope that Long Island wildlife and environment can be protected and restored.

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Things to Consider by Companies Before Working with Social Organizations

Things to Consider by Companies Before Working with Social Organizations Everyone has a right and responsibility to help other people. In this case, the same case also happens for the companies. Companies have such kind of responsibility to deliver helps for people around their area of work or office. In this case, companies may also provide helps based on the subjects or things that they are working with. To deliver the helps, they can make donations or social services. In this case, existence of social organizations become important. They exist as the means to deliver the helps so donations and other services can reach the people in need based on the type of helps or donations. However, in this case, it is still important to find suitable and trusted social organizations. There are plenty of organizations working in charitable and social services, but it does not mean that company can choose randomly. In this case, the first thing to consider is about the type of services. When it is for the aspect of education, of course it must be trusted to the social organizations who have concerns in education. It will not be proper when it is trusted to the organizations focusing in poverty or mitigation of disaster. That is why it is important to make a choice based on the type of services since there are various organizations to find. Moreover, there are also many kinds organizations with different regions. Some of them works without borders, so they can provide services in many countries and regions. However, there are also some of them who have specified concern in certain region. In this case, choosing based on the regional service is necessary. Of course, it can be determined by the type of services and location of the company. The other important thing is about accountability. This point becomes so sensitive since there can be many organizations and some of them may possibly misuse the donations and trusts given to them. Of course, company will never want to have this kind of problem happen. This can be a big problems and somehow, good name of the company may also be bad because of this misuse of services. That is why it is totally necessary to find the trusted organizations. It does not mean that the company may have no trusts or doubts about the organization. However, it is important to do. It is because this services for good goals. These are for people in need. Moreover, there can be big amount of money involved, so it can bring big impact, whether it is delivered well or not.
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Tips in Choosing Right Social Organization

Tips in Choosing Right Social Organization There are many kinds of social organizations. Most of them are non-governmental organizations. These organizations focus on providing helps for unfortunate people in many places. Some of the organizations have bases in a country, but some others are international organizations, so they have many places and they deliver services across nations. In this case, United States become one of the nations with many social and charitable organizations. These organization existence does not mean that the country and its government cannot provide proper life for the citizens. The existence of the organization shows that there are many good people willing to help others. In this case, it is not only people, but there are also companies helping others as part of their social responses.

In this case, when company is going to provide helps by coordinating with the organizations, there are some considerations to make. These considerations are necessary to make since this is not just a simple action. Of course, the first point is to choose kind of service and donation to give. This is important to do. It can be in a form of money, stuffs, or other things. Then, its goal must also be set. The goal and subjects of services must be clear so it is easier to choose the suitable organizations to work with. That is why this kind of points cannot be ignored. The things must be prepared well, so it is easier to coordinate with the suitable organizations.

Then, in choosing the organizations, it is better to choose the organizations that have good records in delivering the services. There can be many organizations working for social and charitable works, but there are only some of them that can really be suitable. Then, its accountability and transparency are important to consider. It does not mean that the company does not trust the organizations. It is normal to seek information about it since it is for helping others, so it is better make sure that all things are set clearly.

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Some Points to Consider Before You Make Donations

Some Points to Consider Before You Make DonationsTalking about social or charity organizations, there are many of them. They can be found in many countries, including in United States. Various organizations of charity can be found and they have different scale. Some of them work internationally and their works and services are across countries. There are also organizations that focus on certain country or region. Then, there are also many kinds of organizations with different focuses of services. In this case, some of them are famous as trusted organizations that can deliver proper services with trusted and good managements. They are good in providing services, and they are also accountable for the good people who have spared their belongings to help others.

Although there are many kinds of organizations, it is important to find the most suitable one when you want to donate or help others by using the services of the charity organizations. All of them are good, but there are always better ones among the good organizations. One of the point to consider is about its transparency and accountability. It does not mean that you do not trust them, but it is just to make sure that your helps are delivered to the right persons who are in need. That is why it is better to find accountable and transparent organization that can provide you with complete data, so you can also be relief since your helps reach them.

Then, it is also better to find specific target of your helps or donations. There are many kinds of organizations working in different field. Some of them focus on poverty. Then, there are also organizations focusing on providing services for proper and equal educations. Some organizations work for women and children as the victims of wars or conflicts. There are still many other things that you can choose. In this case, it is better to determine what services that you want to give, so you can also provide suitable helps and find suitable organizations to help you.