Top Four Non-Governmental Organizations in The United States of America

That Will Change Your LifeHave you ever thought that at least there are 1.5 million Non Governmental Organizations that are operating in the United States. And, all non governmental organizations are working on a wide variety of social issues like children education, women and child rights, child abuse and violence, healthcare, animal rights, and many other social causes. And, some organizations only serve locally and most of them are working internationally and serving many underdeveloped countries like UNICEF, Transparent Hands

Foundation, United Nations, etc. We have picked the best four non governmental organizations in America that will change your lives.
First, Direct Relief is one of top four non governmental organization in USA. This social organization focuses on humanitarian aid organization that is working in up to 50 states and more than 80 countries. Their mission is to improve the lives and health of those who are affected by emergencies and poverty. The program consists of an assistance to both people and communities without considering to religious beliefs, ethnic, politics. The program also focuses on disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, emergency response. You have one heard Americares foundation, and if you do not. Americares Foundation is a non governmental organization in the United States of America that has concern in health relief and development organization to responds to people who are affected by disaster and poverty with medical supplies, health program and life-changing medicine. They have been dedicated themselves for local people since 40 years ago.

Habitat for Humanity International is a non governmental organization in the USA that provides decent housing for those who are poor. They believe that shelter is the primary need of all the human beings. It is as simple as a roof and four walls where they will be feeling safe and dry. In their vision, a basic decent shelter as a human right will help to reduce the cycle of poverty. Habitat for Humanity serves across 20 countries in the Asian-Pacific region. They build, repairs, and rehabilitates simple, affordable, and decent homes with support from the homeowner, donors, communities, and partner organization. American Cancer Society is in the last position of the list. As you can see from their name, this organizations mission is to defend cancer and to make the world with cancer-free. They also do fundraising, conducting research, sharing information with the experts, preventing the cancer and one important thing, supporting the patients and family.

Four Social Organizations in United States that Focus on Community Welfare

If you want to dedicate yourself in improving the life of your communities, joining social organization can be a good solution. With so many non-profit organization available, you may be confused which one is suitable for you. In this article, we will elaborate some that focuses on the welfare of their neighborhoods.

The brief information of welfare-focused organization in United States can be read on the following list below:
• YMCA: this organization focuses on ensuring that everyone gets the opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow, regardless of their background, age, or income. For around 160 years, this organization has been responding and listening the needs of their local communities. These days, over 10,000 neighborhoods in all over the United States are engaged in this organization. The purpose of this organization is to make sure everyone gets the chance to be healthier, more secure, confident, and connected by serving and supporting their neighbors, improving the well-being and health of the country, and nurturing the potential of all teen and child.
• Lutheran Services in America: this organization can be considered as one among the biggest human and health care services network within the country, with 300 organizations across the Caribbean and United States. It works to empower and connect their members, which serve 6 million people yearly. This organization brings expertise, resources, and people together in order to help the members thrive, transform, and innovate.
• United Way: for over 125 years, this organization has developed to fulfill the needs of its communities. The focus of this organization is health, income, and education, the three important building blocks needed to achieve a good life. It fights for a better financial stability, education, and health for everyone in all communities. Through the activities, it is able to influence the lives of millions each year.
• World Vision: this Christian international partnerships has a mission to follow Jesus Christ in helping the oppressed and poor to enhance human transformation, bear witness, and seek justice to the good things of God’s Kingdom. The transformational development is focused on children’s needs, and is sustainable and based on community. It also provides assistance in emergency relief, promotes justice and increase public awareness regarding overlooked issues.

The list above already explain several organizations in United States that focus on the welfare of their nearby communities. If you wish to join and dedicate yourself to your community, you may join one of them, according the availability near your area.

Various Social Organizations to Find in United States

Various Social Organizations to Find in United StatesSocial organizations are found in many countries. Mostly they are non-governmental organizations and they have focus on charitable or social action and work. In this case, almost all of the countries have this kind of organization. Even, in a big country, there can be more than a hundred organization working in social services. In this case, United States is one of the nations with many social and charitable organizations. Of course, the existences and numbers of this organization does not mean that the country cannot handle the problems faced by the society. It does not imply failure. In fact, they exist since they want to help governments in reaching all people, especially those who are living in poverty and injustice condition. There are many organizations found in United States. They have different concern and they have various scales.

Talking about social organizations, there can be many of them in a country. In a big country as United States, there are more than a hundred organizations with various focus on helping others. Of course, it is not only limited to the poverty. In fact, poverty still can be divided into some other aspects of life and these are focus of the social organizations. There are social organizations that have focus on helping people who become the victim of natural disasters. In United States, especially in some of the states, natural disaster such as tornadoes happen and it can happen several times in a year. In this case, not all people are ready and there are also other kinds of disaster. The social organizations working in this kind of social problems come and help them to provide them foods and some first aid, including medicines, clothes, and camps as the place for them to take a rest.

Then, there are also some social organizations working in education. Education starts to be one of the main concern since actually there are still many people who are so unfortunate so they cannot get basic access of education. In this case, social organizations come and helps them with formal and informal schools. They are helped and sometimes there are voluntary teachers joins the organizations to offer helps for the people who need access for education. Talking about the organizations, in United States, the scale of the organization is not limited to its own states. There are also organizations that work globally and they work across nations. They have base in many countries and their main base are in United States.